How Our Education Works

You will learn how to….


Define Your Strategy Price Action

Get help with identifying the primary and those variables which may influence higher probability entry and exits.

Develop Your Prototype EA

Use our support and our programmers to develop your idea into a working EA that you can test and refine.

Backtest, optimise and forward test

We will show you how to do this with your user defined variables to find the settings that work best for the instrument and timeframe you want to trade.


Consistently monitor and refine as you move to LIVE trading

Share in the results LIVE that your EA is producing, including the key metrics which determine success and/or the need for further optimising.

Unlock Your Learning Potential

Open the door to a world of next level trading. Whether you need a programme of study, some top-up knowledge or just great content you are in the right place.

We look forward to serving YOU.

Disclaimer and Risk Warning

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You must do your own due diligence on anything you see or hear on this site and any online materials we publish. Trader IQ provides general advice only and does not make any recommendations in relation to your personal financial circumstances or investment needs. Positions taken in highly leveraged and derivative products including options, and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) carry the risk of loss greater than your initial investment in that position. Share trading also involves a high level of risk and any of the above may not be suitable for all investors. We recognise, and have as a foundation of all we teach, the indisputable need for ALL those who trade financial products to adhere to strict risk management practices. This will include the development, execution and consistent review of an evidence-based trading plan based on you as an individual trader.

You should obtain investment advice from a licensed investment adviser before making any investment decisions. Trader IQ and any agent appointed by Trader IQ will not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense incurred or suffered by you if you rely on any information provided in making investment decisions.